Dead Battery?  We Can Help!

Did you know a battery can require a jump start in the hot summer months just as it would in the winter months?  Heat affects a battery’s internal chemistry just like cold does in the winter.

When you need a jump, sometimes your car battery is just drained or weak but still in good working order. Other times your car battery may not be able to maintain a charge even after a jump start. Some times a car could be parked for multiple weeks at a time where the battery has had a constant drain from the onboard electronics, or even drained by the concrete in the parking garage.

At Road Res-Q our roadside assistance technicians will run a battery strength test as well as a charging system test before providing a jump start to ensure you have the best possible information to make intelligent decisions.

Jump Start Service

A car may seem like it requires a jump start but there can be other mitigating factors that mimic a weak battery. Some of these issues could be a loose or disconnected battery clamps, corroded battery clamps, or a blown fuse. We are able to diagnose and service all of these issues including cleaning and polishing battery clamps or even replacing them in the field.

Did you know that many different makes and models of cars have their car battery located somewhere else in the car other than under the hood?  Sometime the battery is in the trunk, under a seat, or even behind one of the wheels. Road Res-Q technicians are familiar and trained to install your car battery no matter where it is located. If the car’s battery requires replacement, we have a wide range of batteries in stock so we could replace and recycle your old car battery. Most of the time you would have to drive to a garage and sit around for a few hours till they can get around to replacing your car battery. Instead of wasting time and canceling your appointments, we can bring the battery to you and install it where ever your car is located. While you are at work or at the doctors office, we could be installing your battery allowing you to get on with your day.

Did you know a diesel truck requires close to twice the amount of amperage to start verse a car? Trying to jump start a truck from a car can take an extremely long time and still may not work. Some trucks use 12 volt electrical systems and others have 24 volt electrical systems. Road Res-Q has the equipment to jump start both 12 and 24 volt systems. From light duty to heavy duty, we can Res-Q you!

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Roadside Assistance in Alexandria VA
About Road Res-Q Roadside Assistance

At Road Res-Q we understand breakdowns happen at the worst times of the day. When you have someplace to be and get into a situation beyond your control, we should be the first ones you call to provide you with the proper and safe service to get you on your way.

Our fully stocked trucks carry all the tools to really get you back on the road instead of needing a tow or calling for another company to help.  We are able to handle all light vehicles, exotic, luxury, hybrids, light and medium duty dual wheeled trucks, trailers, and more.

Road Res-Q currently provides roadside assistance services to Alexandria, Annandale, Springfield, Arlington, Falls Church, and Fairfax. We also provide services to parts of Southern Maryland and Washington DC. If you are stuck on the highway or parkway we can Res-Q you there too!

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Road Res-Q Customer Reviews

These reviews were left by customers who were stranded on the road, just like you, and called on us for Res-Q!

Frank was courteous and responded quickly. As promised, he came by within 20 minutes, replaced my car's battery, did his best to find replacement of a spare-part that apparently was broken, and delivered an excellent service to make my car start again. All of these were done during the holiday time, with a fair price.I truly appreciate and highly recommend his service!
Catharina Widiarti
Catharina Widiarti
21:29 27 Dec 20
Locked my keys in my car and called RRQ. Arrived in less than 20 minutes and was quick, efficient, and very professional! Very polite! I 100% recommend!
Madeline N. Rivera
Madeline N. Rivera
15:24 24 Dec 20
Prompt response and clear communications about his arrival. Frank was very knowledgeable about the systems, took care of the problem, and offered advice on helpful upgrades - a true professional!
bob divins
bob divins
21:17 11 Nov 20
I thoroughly enjoyed the service I received from Res-Q. The technician was very professional and communicated effectively letting me know the time that he would arrive as well as keeping me informed. When he arrived he was very efficient and quick with the whole service taking less than 15 minutes. I would recommend this company to any others in need of any emergency vehicle rescue or repair
Melinda Copper
Melinda Copper
15:33 11 Nov 20
Amazing company. Very fast response. There was a multi car accident and everybody scrambling to get help. They were the first to arrive and replace a messed up tire and I was on my way in no time.Call them and they will be there before u hang up!Kudos!
Nordine Gaugau
Nordine Gaugau
23:27 24 Oct 20
Excellent service, driver was quick to respond, professional and friendly. Able to arrive and save me from my own stupidity and terrible vehicle (totally the vehicles fault not mine XD)Got me winched out and moving again. Would highly recommend for any roadside services needed.:Edited to add comment.
Jason Wander
Jason Wander
19:54 11 Oct 20
The gentleman came to assist me while stranded on the parkway. He was polite efficient and professional.
james Leggett
james Leggett
22:43 07 Oct 20
I called the place to check out my car's battery, and within 15-20 minutes, they had arrived to check everything out. I needed a new battery as it turned out, and they had one already packed and ready to replace. Everything all together took around 45 minutes to an hour tops. The person who arrived explained everything in detail, and was super nice and helpful.
Josh Ponti
Josh Ponti
19:47 07 Oct 20
GREAT JOB, called when got the assignment, arrived within 15min. Put on the Spare & Checked ALL four tires with recommendation that allowed me to get that tires as well as the flat one REPLACED! PROFESSIONAL TIMELY &COURTEOUS!
Carmen Shelley Jones
Carmen Shelley Jones
17:31 07 Oct 20
Amazing customer service from pre-arrival call to completion of work. Highly recommend. Friendly, knowledgeable staff.
Joshua Charles
Joshua Charles
22:12 19 Sep 20
Nothing at all . He was a life saver . Honestly Mr. Frank is full of integrity he was fast and sufficient. He even called hours later just to make the family and I was safe! The best service I ever receive.
Marcus Wiley
Marcus Wiley
22:30 08 Sep 20
I called my insurance company after my battery gave me some problems while on a military base. Initially, the insurance company sent a local vendor that refused to help me, twice! After calling the insurance company a 3rd time they assigned Road Res-Q and I was assisted by Frank. I cannot thank Frank enough for his quick response. Not only did he arrive fast, he called me to keep me informed about his ETA. When he arrived, he gave me advice on what to do to mitigate the problem with my battery. I went from the base to Pep Boys where I bumped into Frank again, he helped me pick out a battery charger. If I ever need road side assistance, I will make sure USAA sends me Road Res-Q! Excellent !!! Thank you so much for coming to my rescue! I cannot thank you enough. I had been stuck on base for 2.5 hours before USAA reassigned us to Road Res-Q and they had me back on the road in 10 minutes!
Tiger Wolf Girl
Tiger Wolf Girl
14:03 04 Sep 20
Fantastic service. I got a flat tire in the middle of Arlington and Frank got to ms quickly, was so nice and helpful and made me relaxed. He drove to his warehouse, put the new tire on the rim and drove back to me to put it on in less than an hour. He texted me rbe entire time to keep me updated. Seriously a life saver. Thank you Frank!
Alyssa Pierce
Alyssa Pierce
01:37 01 Sep 20
My car wasn’t turning on and I figured it may have been the battery as I could hear the clicking noise when I turned the key in the ignition. Road Res-Q was the first place that showed up on google when I searched for a battery service, I spoke to Frank on the phone, who was also the same person who came to check out the battery for me. He arrived in less than 15 minutes and checked the battery life and recommended that it still was working fine and I don’t need to change it out, I appreciated that bc most of these other car/battery services out here will say anything to get you to spend money with them. He explained the corrosion may be what’s causing it to not allow my car to start and then jump started my car and recommended I leave it on for 30 minutes, it was a very smooth process. Frank was very efficient, professional, informative, and kind! Will recommend this place to any of my friends who need it. Great service!!
Lydia Siramdane
Lydia Siramdane
15:21 14 Aug 20
Great custom service would highly recommend this place
Dahmel White
Dahmel White
19:52 09 Aug 20

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Road Res-Q offers 24 hour roadside assistance to the entire DC metro area. We provide jump starts, battery installations, fuel delivery, tire changes, tire installs, lockout services and more all with great rates starting at $50. Call us day or night at 833-737-3770 and a Road Res-Q team member will rapidly respond to you. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #emergencyroadsideassistance #jumpstart #deadbattery #fleetservice #24hourservice #mobileservice #5starservice #dmv #dc #washingtondc #arlington #arlingtonva #alexandria #alexandriava #fairfaxcounty #fairfaxcountyva #virginia #va
ROAD RES-Q SERVICE UPDATE - 1/19/21 through 1/21/21

Due to the increased security in Washington DC for the presidential inauguration our roadside assistance response times may be delayed or temporarily unavailable. Starting at 03:00am on Tuesday till 9am on Thursday, we will not be accepting service requests in Washington DC or Maryland. This is due to most roads and bridges into the area from Virginia being closed. 

Please call us at 833-737-3770 if you require assistance and we will do our best to accommodate you.  #roadresq #roadsideassistance #emergencyroadsideassistance #dmv #dc #washingtondc #nedc #nwdc #sedc #swdc #uscapitol #inauguration #inauguration2021 #alexandria #alexandriava #arlington #arlingtonva #virginia #va
Have heavy duty trucks in your fleet? Road Res-Q can help. We service light to heavy duty vehicles. Call us 24 hours a day at 833.737.3770 for rapid roadside assistance. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #servicetruck #mobileservive #fleetservice #dmv #dc #washingtondc #virginia #maryland #stcharlesmd #waldorf #waldorfmd
The cold temps tires are here so don’t become stranded with a dead battery. Road Res-Q stocks a wide range of batteries 24 hours a day so whether you are stranded day or night, we can help. Dial 833.737.3770 and a Road Res-Q roadside assistance technician will rapidly respond and get you going again. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #emergencyroadsideassistance #mobileservice #fleetservice #servicetruck #deadbattery #jumpstart #batteryinstall #dmv #dc #washingtondc #alexandria #alexandriava #arlington #arlingtonva #virginia
Road Res-Q provides 24 hour roadside assistance services to the entire DC metro area. With wait times of only 20 minutes, 5 star rated, and rates starting at $50, why not give us a try? Call us at 833.737.3770 and a professional and friendly roadside assistance technician will rapidly respond to you. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #emergencyroadsideassistance #flattire #tirechange #dmv #alexandria #alexandriava #arlington #arlingtonva #springfield #springfieldva #fairfaxcounty #fairfaxcountyva #washingtondc #dc #nedc #sedc #swdc #nwdc #maryland #virginia
Whether you have a dead battery during the middle of the day or late at night, we have you covered. Road Res-Q offers and stocks new batteries 24 hours a day. Call us for a quote at 833.737.3770 and a roadside assistance technician will come and assist you. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #jumpstart #deadbattery #batteryinstall #24hour #24hourservice #dmv #dc #washingtondc #arlington #arlingtonva #virginia
Stuck in a low clearance garage? Road Res-Q service trucks are fully equipped to assist you 24 hours a day no matter where your vehicle is located. From military bases, secured garages, busy highways and everywhere in between, we can assist you. Call 833.737.3770 for rapid roadside assistance 24 hours a day. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #servicetruck #flattire #tirechange #garage #lowclearance #militarybase #military #usmilitary #go4interceptor #amberlights #firstresponder #dmv #arlington #arlingtonva #virginia #va
Don’t you just hate it when you are trying to get some chores done or see some friends and you get a flat tire? Well don’t sit around for hours waiting for help to come, instead call Road Res-Q. Our average wait time is only 20 minutes and we will get you back on the road safely and quickly. Call us at 833.737.3770 and a Road Res-Q team member will rapidly respond. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #flattire #tirechange #dmv #dc #washingtondc #alexandria #alexandriava #fairfax #fairfaxcounty #fairfaxcountyva #arlington #arlingtonva #virginia #va
Day or night, Road Res-Q is there for you. We maintain and average wait time of only 20 minutes and with our legendary 5 star service, you will be happy you call us. Call Road Res-Q at 833.737.3770 for rapid roadside assistance 24 hours a day. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #emergencyroadsideassistance #flattire #tirechange #dmv #dc #washingtondc #alexandria #alexandriava #springfield #springfieldva
Have a fleet of vehicles? Road Res-Q offers fleet services 24 hours a day. Call us at 833.737.3770 for great rates. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #emergencyroadside #fleetservice #fleet #dmv #dc #washingtondc

Due to the events at the U.S. Capitol today, and resulting local curfews, our roadside assistance response times may be delayed or temporarily unavailable.

Please call us at 833-737-3770 if you require assistance and we will do our best to accommodate you.  #roadresq #roadsideassistance #emergencyroadside #dmv #dc #washingtondc #uscapitol #alexandria #alexandriava #arlington #arlingtonva #virginia #va
Flat tire? Call Road Res-Q at 833-737-3770 for rapid roadside assistance with great rates starting at $50. Our rates will make you want to call us for the first time in our five star legendary service will make you want to add us to your phonebook contacts. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #emergencyroadsideassistance #flattire #tirechange #5star #5starservice #24hour #24hourservice #dmv #dc #washingtondc #alexandria #alexandriava #arlington #arlingtonva
From small cars to large trucks and RVs, Road Res-Q has you covered with battery service, fuel and fluid delivery, tire services and more. Call us 24 hours a day at 833.737.3770 and a Road Res-Q roadside assistance team member will rapidly respond to you. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #emergencyroadsideassistance #jumpstart #batteryinstall #tireservice #tirechange #rv #rvlife #travel #travellife #wanderlust #fleetmaintenace #fleetservice #dmv #dc #washingtondc #bowie #bowiemd #pgcounty #pgcountymd #md #maryland #virginia #va
A flat tire can quickly ruin a family outing. Don’t wait hours for help, Road Res-Q has an average arrive time of only 20 minutes. Call Road Res-Q at 833.737.3770 for rapid roadside assistance 24 hours a day. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #flattire #tirechange #dmv #arlington #arlingtonva #pentagoncity #crystalcity #virginia
Happy New Year everyone! We hope you have a safe and wonderful year. If you need assistance this year, Road Res-Q has you covered with great rates and 5 star service. Dial 833.737.3770 and a Road Res-Q roadside assistance technician will assist you. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #dmv #dc #washingtondc #virginia #maryland
In a low clearance garage? Not a problem, Road Res-Q is here for you 24/7 with equipped service trucks that can service the rights of streets, lowest of garages, and the most dangerous of roads. Our fully equipped service trucks will be able to get in and get out quickly like this motorist who only had to wait 15 minutes for us to arrive and was back on the road within 10 minutes of calling us. Call 833.737.3770 for rapid roadside assistance 24/7. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #servicetruck #go4interceptor #flattire #tirechange #garage #commuter #commuterlot #metro #wmata #dcmetro #dmv #alexandria #alexandriava #virginia #va
Stuck on a military base or one of the many secured Government facilities in the DC area? Many companies don’t services locations or give extremely long wait times. Road Res-Q  services all military bases and secured governments facilities; as well as highways airports and corporate offices. Call a company that goes anywhere and everywhere! Call Road Res-Q at 833.737.3770 for rapid roadside assistance 24 hours a day. #roadresq #roadsideassistance #emergencyroadsideassistance #jumpstart #deadbattery #military #usmilitary #government #usgovernment #fort #ftbelvoir #fortbelvoir #dmv #dc #washingtondc #nedc #sedc #nwdc #swdc #fairfax #fairfaxcounty #fairfaxcountyva #virginia #maryland